Anti-Bullying Video

The above video is a fantastic, straightforward way to start a discussion on how to prevent bullying.  I particularly recommend it for students in 4th-8th grades.

11 thoughts on “Anti-Bullying Video

  1. Hi! Do you know about our films — “Let’s Get Real” (good for grades 5 – 8) and “That’s a Family! (elementary school). Used all over to help prevent bullying as well! Trailers on our website.


    1. This video says it all. 2 thumbs up! I will certainly share this video with friends and teachers. As a parent, I’ve experienced first hand how bullying can affect your child. We need to take action and show our children how important it is to be a responsible citizen.

  2. This is awesome. I plan to share at our school’s first day for teachers.
    Thank you so much.
    Christi Gonzales

  3. We have to inquire about if we’re really coping with feel-good laws proposed much more for that politics acquire associated with particular chosen officials or even significant laws that will supply funded sources to serve documented as well as confirmed unmet needs. It is especially unusual that some elected authorities tend to be suggesting unfunded anti-bullying laws at a time when college security funds in order to implement such programs, along with other college safety initiatives that don’t relate to bullying, are being cut.

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