Suggested Resource: Flocabulary

If you teach third through eighth grade, no matter what subject, have I got a recommendation for you: check out Flocabulary!  Flocabulary is a subscription-based website that offers you and your students access to incredibly engaging music videos (often hip-hop, but it varies) in a wide variety of concepts.  Students can learn about everything from verbs to fractions to Martin Luther King, Jr. through Flocabulary’s extensive collection.  Social Studies teachers in particular will love Flocabulary’s “Week in Rap” videos that bring current events into the classroom in a fun way.

To get a taste of what Flocabulary’s videos are like, check out their Youtube Channel.  Or, for a quick taste, watch the video below, which focuses on figurative language.  Is it just me, or is virtually every line of that song pure genius in terms of how it explains and then immediately demonstrates various writing techniques?


4 thoughts on “Suggested Resource: Flocabulary

  1. Hi Mark,

    This is unrelated to your Flocabulary post but I am doing a little research for a grad class at Wilkes University. My name is Brendan Kerchner and I am a gifted support teacher in Central Pennsylvania. I have been looking over your sight and looks like you are doing some amazing things within your 1:1 classroom. I was wondering, did you develop Acceptable Use Policy that is specific to the 1:1 environment and if so could you share some of the elements of this policy? Also, if you did create an AUP, what resources did you use to guide your decisions and did you include your students in the development process? Judging by your blog posts you seem to have a wealth of information and I would appreciate your insights.

  2. FLOCABULARY is the BEST! I use it to teach grammar, writing, multiplication facts, and science concepts. Not to mention the WEEK-IN-RAP going over current events. It allows us to think critically and stay on top of what is going on in the world! If you don’t have a subscription for your class, get one!!

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