Customized Math Games for Your Classroom

Sometimes I’ll be getting ready to teach a math lesson, when suddenly I’ll think, “I wish I could find a good game that teaches this content in a more exciting way than just plain practice problems can.”  Sometimes I manage to find the perfect game to use, but often I can’t find a game that does exactly what I’m looking for.

That’s where comes in.  This amazing website will make the perfect math game for you, designed exactly to your specifications.  I couldn’t find a fun online game to measure fractions on a number line, so I had this game created for me.  Want a math game that uses your school’s colors or has other fun personalized elements to it like that?  Custom Math Games will do that for you as well.  Once the game is created, Custom Math Games will also host your game and allow you to have an unlimited number of students play the game as well.

The next time you can’t find the perfect math game, I seriously urge you to have  Custom Math Games create that game for you!


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